Best Recumbent Bikes Review and Buying Guide


best recumbent bikeLooking for best recumbent bikes review to get an excellent and comfortable bike to help you with your indoor workouts? Check out our reviews of the best recumbent bikes available on the market.

1.Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

This recumbent bike can help you alternate from easy to hard and vice versa while you do your work out programs. There are 29 programs that you can do on this bike, and you can comfortably work out on a padded seat. It works just right for beginners and pros alike.
schwinn recumbent bike


Resistance keys

This recumbent bike comes with ten resistance keys to take you from an easy program to a hard program. It can also bring you from hard right back to easy.

LCD System

The LCD window system on this bike is dual track and enables you to monitor display feedbacks. You can monitor up to 13 feedback displays with this LCD window system.

User setting

There are four user settings on this bike that you can work with while you do your workouts. This can also help to keep you motivated.


Schwinn comes with a comfortable padded seat that can protect you from suffering sores.


  • It goes off on its own after use.
  • You can set up to 4 users by name.
  • You can switch from easy to hard workouts and vice versa.
  • Adjustments on the resistance only require the use of the up or down buttons.
  • There is a USB port for charging.
  • It is suitable for beginners and pros alike


  • It cannot be used by people weighing over 300lbs
Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike from $399.99

Here is an excellent bike to provide you all the comfort you need while you do your workouts. Whether you are starting or already became a pro, this bike will serve you just right and can be a great choice of yours.

2. Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Marcy ME is a recumbent bike great especially to shed unwanted weight as well as enhance your cardiovascular endurance. This bike is compact so that it can fit into small spaces and doesn’t have to cover up too much of the floor. If you set your mind to increase the firmness of your physique and burn calories, then this bike is an excellent choice.
marcy bike


Workout Metrics

This bike offers screen displays that are very easily readable. Speed, time, distance and calories can be read from this screen.

Padded Seat

The seat on the Marcy ME bike is padded and comfortable. You can get all the support you want while you do your workouts.


The pedals are balanced and come with foot straps to keep your feet in place and prevent slipping while you cycle.


There are eight preset levels of magnetic resistance on this bike that you can work with while you cycle.


  • It increases stamina.It improves cardiovascular endurance.
  • It comes with a comfortable padded seat.
  • The pedals come with foot straps to prevent slipping


  • It may not be comfortable for people up to about 6 feet tall.

Do you want to lose some of that extra weight? Choose Marcy ME. This bike comes to give you great results on your workout goals. And it will do this while ensuring that you have maximum comfort. You really shouldn’t have regrets if you choose this bike.

3. Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

You will especially love that you can just fold and put away this bike when you are not using it. It is comfortable and getting on and off is quite easy. The LCD display is easy to read. It works perfectly for people who weigh up to 300 pounds.
Exerpeutic recumbent bike image


Crank system

This bike offers a three piece cranking system that provides a great motion while you pedal. You will also have a quiet operation with this.
Hand Pulse Sensors
The bike comes with hand pulse sensors on the handle bars. This will help with targeting your heart rate zone.


The seat on the bike is a large, comfortable cushion and back rest. They are also adjustable to suit the height of the user

LCD Display

There is a large LCD display window that is easy to read as it displays distance, speed, pulse, time, scan and burned calories.

Magnetic tension system

This bike has 8 level magnetic tension control system. With this, the user can switch between easier and harder workouts.


  • It is quiet and smooth
  • It is foldable
  • You can switch between easy and difficult workouts
  • Works for people who weigh up to 300 pounds
  • Seats can be adjustable to suit user heights
  • It is easy to assemble


  • None

This quiet, smooth bike has your best interest at heart. You can always choose, with this, whether you want to do an easy workout or a difficult one. And it will let you choose what works for your height. Here is a bike that is sure to give you good value for what you spend on it.

4.  PROGEAR 555LXT Exercise Bike

You can program your workout goals with this bike. You can easily adjust the seats for your comfort, and you can also be sure to save space for this bike since it is compact and covers very little space. It works right for people up to 6 feet tall.
progear bike image



PROGEAR comes with an extended cushioned seat for comfort as well as an easy workout for the user. There are also slider seat adjustments for you to adjust the seat as it suits you.

Handle bars

The handle bars on this bike are soft grip and also comfortable to ensure that your hands do not get sore while you work out.

Phone and Tablet holder

This bike also comes with a holder for you to securely place your smart phone or your tablet while you do your workouts.

Bottle holder

There is a bottle holder on this bike for you to place your water bottle.


The PROGEAR pedal comes with foot straps to keep your feet in place as you pedal


The seat is easy to adjust
There are bottle as well as phone holders on this bike
The seat is comfortable
It takes up only a little floor space
There is a comprehensive and easy to read LCD


  • None

You will definitely love that you can fold this bike away when you are not using it. This is apart from the fact that it is comfortable for your back, neck and even your hands when you grip the handle bars and will also save space. And you should also love that you can easily keep your phone or tablet or water bottle safe while you work out. This is an excellent choice for a recumbent bike.

5. Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

There are 22 different workout programs built into this bike which also provides you maximum comfort while you work. You will also love that there is a high speed on this bike so you can choose to go faster. This bike will offer you luxury as you work out ensuring that keep cool with its 3-speed fan.
nautilus recumbent bikes



The bike offers a comfortable seat that comes with a sliding system for you to easily adjust to suit your need.

LCD Window

There is a dual track LCD window system on this bike to allow you keep a track on your workouts.


A 3-speed fan is included on this bike to keep you cool and comfortable as you work out.


  • It is comfortable
  • You can keep a track on your workouts
  • It provides good speed
  • It ensures that you are kept cool while you workout


  • None
Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike $380.73

High speed and comfort are two of the most basic things that a lot of people will need on their exercise bikes, especially comfort. Nautilus knows that too, and as you see, it will provide these for you. If you choose to choose Nautilus, then you have made a smart choice.


Tips To Buy Best Recumbent Bikes

best recumbent bikes for exercises
Picking the best recumbent bikes to give you good value for your money may seem overwhelming to many people. With the right guidance, however, this can be a mere walk over. Recumbent bikes come with a variety of features that make them a very convenient and excellent choice for lots of people. The nature of this bike usually makes it a very comfortable choice since it can bear the weight of the rider and give them full support making it a great way to escape most of the consequences such as back pains and waist pains which can occur from riding traditional bikes. These bikes usually come in a wide range of configurations leaving you a wide range of choices to make when you want to purchase a recumbent bike. If you are looking to buy a bike for your indoor workouts, then this bike would be an excellent choice.

What is A Recumbent Bike?

As its name implies, a recumbent bike is a bicycle designed such that the rider can stay in a laid back reclining position while riding. They are different from traditional bikes. They steer differently, start and stop differently and ride differently. The unique defining feature of a recumbent bike is that it allows you to recline and sit in a comfy position while riding it.

The Benefits of Recumbent Bikes

Best Recumbent bikes characteristically come with a variety of benefits that you usually may not get with most traditional upright bikes. Here are some of those benefits:

1. They provide comfort: This is the most important benefit of recumbent bikes and would usually be the first to mention. Having a recumbent bike can be comfortable since you can cycle in a comfortable position where your back is at rest. With a recumbent bike, you can cycle without your neck getting sore. It would also save you the burden of having a weight of on your wrists or arms, and this is especially an advantage for people who are advancing in age. Even if you are going to ride for a long time, you can conveniently do that without having to suffer any sore spots.

2. They reduce tiredness: Cycling in a natural position, as can be provided by the recumbent bike, reduces the tendency for you to easily get tired on your workouts. This is as opposed to what you can get with an upright bike.

3. They defy the consequence of injuries: Many injuries such as injuries to the neck or back or wrist can prevent a lot of people from being able to ride the traditional upright bikes. This is because some of these injuries make it difficult or even impossible to bear weight on the hands which would be the case when riding traditional bikes. Recumbent bikes usually defy this consequence because they do not require you to carry any weight on your hands. If the injuries are on your back or neck, you can still comfortably cycle your recumbent bikes in your reclining position.

Some Other Benefits:

4. They suit everyone: You do not need to be a pro or too experienced on workouts to be able to use a recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are usually suitable for all fitness levels so you can begin with easier programs and improve as you keep working out.

5. They are safe: Recumbent bikes would usually not pose a risk to your overall physical well-being. No matter the program you do on your fitness workout, a recumbent bike will ensure that you are in a reclining, comfortable position so that no matter what, you maintain a good spinal posture.

6. You can work out hands-free: The seat of the recumbent bike will allow you to work for hands-free so that you can choose to do something else like read a book while still doing your work out.

Things to Consider When Buying Recumbent Bikes

To be able to pick the best recumbent bikes for you, there are some features you need to consider to help you make your choice. They are as follows:

1. The bike seat: This is one of the most important features of the bike as it is what you will sit on while you ride. And of course, you would want one that provides you with maximum comfort. You might, therefore, want to check out for one that is padded and provides lumbar support. If you are someone who sweats quite easily, then you ought to consider getting a bike with a mesh seat instead of a solid back seat. This will ensure that air can circulate to your back while you are cycling. Getting a bike with an easily adjustable seat is also something you should think about.

2. The foot pedal: It is important that you consider whether or not the foot pedal on the bike you are about to buy comes with a strap. Cycling on a bike with a strapless foot pedal means you might have to deal your feet slipping on your workout.

3. The consoles: To prevent any stress and maybe even a strain on your neck in a bid to read the console, it is great to have a bike with a backlit console. You should, therefore, ensure that the bike you have comes with a console that is backlit.

Overall Final Verdict

Recumbent bikes are always a great choice to have comfortable workouts. They definitely have a lot of health benefits owing to their nature and design. Purchasing a recumbent bike can be a great investment and a good addition to your workout routines.

The above-reviewed bikes are among the best recumbent bikes available on the market to provide you with ease and convenience on your workouts. Picking an excellent bike from this list should not pose any challenge at all since all the bikes are great anyway.

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is very highly recommended to give you comfort while you ride as well provide you with speed while also ensuring that you keep colon your workouts.

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