Best Women’s Road Bikes Under 500

 best women's road bikes

Road bikes are very popular these days and we see more and more people opting to go for them for daily use. This popularity is because of its compactness and easiness to store it in any place and transport it too. These bikes can be easily moved from one place to another in planes and cars and also be stored anywhere without taking much of your space.We selected some best women’s road bikes that will blow your mind.

Road bikes have a different mechanism that is possible due to certain structural properties of the bikes and a varied number of parts. You would find various kinds of road bikes in the market and these can be classified on the basis of various factors like speed and ease, size and dimensions, weight, quality, as well as durability. With different combinations of these factors, the prices of the different bikes vary too.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Road bikes?

Let’s get to know some of the amazing and best road bikes for women, which are becoming the current trend in outdoor sports and recreation.Before jumping into the discussion, a customer should be clear about their needs regarding anything they buy. Road bikes for women may not be for all. The bikes mentioned here are mostly for commuting and adventure sports as well.
Before jumping into the discussion, a customer should be clear about their needs regarding anything they buy. Road bikes for women may not be for all. The bikes mentioned here are mostly for commuting and adventure sports as well.
Your requirements like the weight of the bike, handles, paddles, color and assembling techniques should be on point. If you have sincerely decided on the main factors and reasons to buy them, let’s get into the products now.

1. Retrospec Bike for women with single speed technology and (chromium and molybdenum) Chromoly Frame- model number 1AMOKv2-6000-58-P

Retrospec Bike for women with single speed

  • This one lives up to their building quality might be a little above your budget, but it is totally worth the price. It stands out from the others and gives you a very comfortable and smooth ride and manages to give you the feeling of riding a full sized normal bike.
  • It has a lightweight frame that makes it easy to carry around. The ice flexible riding system that lets you adjust your position for different types of roads.
  • It has quick assembly – the first time round and is right for the tall people as well.

What would you love?

This commuter’s, Amok V2 Cyclocross bike is a low weight bicycle for any adventure the rider likes. It has 4130 Chromoly frames that are especially used to make bikes strong yet low in weight. It is prepared with Alloy Crank with 42T chain ring, Kenda Small Block 8 Pro Cyclocross tires, 700C Double Wall Rims and 3/32 inches Chain.
The bicycle is made for whatever kind of adventure one wants to experiment with, be it mountain rides, grass, and gravel trails, riding through the campus or making your way up and down the dirt trails. The handlebars are flat and firm which means that women can put their full energy on it. Since the cables are attached to the top tube, the bike can be carried on the shoulders while going up trails or crossing rivers.
At a price range of $329 to $389, it is quite pricey for single speed cyclocross. It comes in colors like concrete, matte black and hi-vis blue. More choices of colors could have been added. All in all, these are one of the best women’s road bikes for solid piece of fun, adventure or simple commute.

2. Rapido Single Speed Road Bike for Women by Giordano – model 12782-Parent

Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

Coming with two sizes – medium and large, this Road Bike for women manufactured by Giordano is simple yet sleek looking. It has aluminum frames and drop out handles that enable the rider to bare the city’s stresses. This bike can run with a normal freewheel or can be used as a fixed gear. Its 32 hole alloy wheels runs on Kenda 700x 32 tires, which means it is capable of confronting less than perfect roads. It has rear flip flop hubs too.
The main downsides of such women’s bike are that it is hard to assemble. The handlebars do not have cushions which will make your hands sore. But you can always buy them separately. Also, to some, this bike may seem a little heavy too.
Overall, it is a great bike for women, at the price it comes in, i.e., $220 approximately, depending on the size you take. Assembly charges are high, one wouldn’t really opt for it.

3. Aluminum Road Bikes for Women with 21 speed Shimano

Aluminum Road Bikes for Women

Some of the major features and specifications of this bike are –
It has a frame of 6061 aluminum, Shimano A050 SIS Mounted Handlebar, 700c 1 1/8 inch threadless fork. It also has free pedals, tires of 700c x 25c, saddle of urban comfort. This road bike for women with freewheel speed of 7, KMC chains, seatpost of Alloy 27.2, and brakes- Alloy caliper.
The bicycle comes in various colors at a price range of $229- $399, depending on the size you take. The small size is 50 cm, medium comes at 54 cm, and largely, it comes at 58cms.
This road bike for women is good for those who have just started to ride bikes. Some key issues are brake adjustments and tire related issues. But the price is a true giveaway for a sturdy 24 pound, classic looking and smooth bike like this.

4. GMC Denali Road Bike for Women – Model number 42720

GMC Denali Road Bike for Women

In the price range of $214 to $255, here is a 21- speed road bike for women, which has a low weight aluminium frame with Alloy caliper brakes. It is has good quality alloy Vitesse racing rims, Shimano Revo and Shimano derailleur shifts that make it super easy to change gears smoothly and quickly. The bike possesses efficiently performing 700c tires that are capable of taking a challenge to the street races of rigid quality.
This bicycle for women comes in two colors, that is, green and black. To quench your thirst; it comes with an alloy water bottle cage as well. The bike comes with the weight of 35.9 pounds with a wheel size of 700 inches.
Although this bicycle has problems with its wheel alignment and brakes, it is an average bike for regular commutes only.

5. Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike for Women – Model number 32754

Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike for Women

This 35.2 pound road bike for ladies has 58 cm center top tube with rear flip flop for freewheel or fixed gear. It is made from tig-welded steel. With 33 inch stand over clearance, it is fit for women who are 5 ft and 10 in to 6 ft to 2 in tall.
The bike comes in large and medium sizes with the availability of green and blue colors. The price for this bike is quite reasonable, i.e., $231 but also has its cons. Wheel size come at 700c with 16 speeds. It is included with side brake style and the dimension of this bike is 8 x 30.5 x 53 inches.
Nonetheless, a key problem with this bike is its tube. They go flat frequently. The brake lacks some power too unless given full pressure. Another relatively smaller problem is to tighten the nuts and bolts of the bike twice as much as you normally do or go to a professional for it. This is because the screws come out easily or gets lost. Think before you buy this bike.

6. Vilano FORZA shifters road bike for women – model 550FORZA453-P

vilano forza

This 4.0 Aluminum integrated road bike for girls has 6061 Aluminum frames that are lightweight. It comes with 24 speeds to handle any kind of situation. It consists of Double Walled CNC Machined sides included with free pedals. The Shimano STI incorporated Brake lever shifters make this bike value for money.
The women’s road bike comes in single color, Black. It has shipping weight of 32 pounds. Bit this bike is not available for international shipping. It has presta valves and is available in the size of 700c.
The main issues with this model were its frequent wheel troubles. But most of all the rims are undersized after a rough measurement. The customer service for Vilano weren’t that helpful either.
The bike is really good for its shifters and is value for money, but once the problems start, one may really need to take it for servicing as a layman will not be able to fix on their own. Price for this bicycle comes in between $350 to $460 with four different sizes to offer.

7. Libero Acciao Road Bike for Women by Giordano – model number: 52755

libero accio

The Libero Accio road bike for women is meant for riders who are between 5ft 5 inches to 5ft 8 inches. It has a stand over of 33 to 35 inches and is made with tensile steel fork and frame. This road bike for ladies comes in two colors, red and grey and has down tube water bottle mounts. With a 14- speed Shimano Tourney STI drive train, this is a slight game changer amongst the others. It has 700c wheels which isn’t heavy at all yet strong.
The women’s road bike weighs up to 28.11 pound in medium size. The number of speeds provided in this bike to choose from is 14. Though the bicycle comes at a good price ($350), it has had problems with the brakes and rear wheel. This steel built women’s bike is good as an entry level use. Women need to measure their in seams correctly to decide on the size of the bike they buy. With little adjustments on this bike, it would work just fine. Overall a good buy. Women, enjoy the specific bike made for you.

8. Single Speed Takara Kabuto Road Bike for Women – model number 32752

single speed takara

Meticulously made frame and fork from steel, this amazing bike for women has 54 cm top tube. It has alloy rims with alloy hubs and weighs close to 30 pounds. This bike has a key feature of alloy side pull brakes and tig-welded steel frame. It includes horizontal drop out handlebars making it efficient to put all your power on it.
The bike is offered in a medium size and is available at the price of $231. This model is a single speed women’s road bike with a stand over height of 31 inches. The wheels come in 700c.
Apart from some tubes and brake issues, this bike is true value for money. But note that it isn’t meant for adventure sports, only regular commute and casual hangouts.

9. Schwinn Drop Bar Bicycle for women

Schwinn Women Phocus 1600 best women's road bikes

This Schwinn Women Phocus 1600 Aluminum bike with carbon fibre fork is perfect for agile riding. It has a full Shimano 14 speed drive train with inbuilt brake lever shifting. This is the best women’s bike that has high quality alloy rims. The paired spokes are very strong, light in weight and have quick front release. One of the advantages of this bike is, it has Promax alloy caliper brakes for the most accurate brake power. If you need a wide gear range, there is a provision of SR Suntor alloy crank for better gear use.
The price of this drop bike comes at $467. The brake style is Mechanical Rim and is at a size of 16 inches. The wheel size is of 700. The seat of this bike could have been more comfortable and the strap pedal is not completely made of steel. It has slight issues with brake pads of the rear wheel.
The bike is a bit over priced but then it’s Schwinn, a good quality women’s bike.

10. Classy City Commuter Single Velocity Women’s Road Bike – model number 700CLASSICWGRN54-P

best women's road bikesbest women's road bikes

This bicycle by Vilano is a classic 700c single speed bike with a stylish design made for city rides. For comfortable grips, it has mustache handlebars that also provide accurate positioning. The steel frames have relaxed geometry allows for a smooth and dreamy ride. For an ease in the brake system, it has Coaster brakes. The bike has a kickstand and free platform pedals.
This particular women’s road bike may appear heavy for some but that only means it is sturdy too, and there maybe few troubles with the chains plus reflectors. But in conclusion, this bike is worth having. The classic and elegant looking is another best women’s road bike that gives a good performance.


Once you own one of these best women’s road bikes, you can look for accessories as required. Some buy headlights, extra bottle cage, bike repair accessories, handle cushions, special LED lights, wheel locker, keychain, waterproof cover for the bike, helmet and much more. It depends on the user’s requirements and if they want to spend extra on those accessories.
There are also special accessories under the road bikes for women who need support on their bike. Everything is readily available online today. There are a number of websites that give huge discounts as well. A proper research for your bike is the key to enjoying a nice and smooth ride. Also, remember to always have a safe trip while riding your favorite bike!

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